Elevate Your Dreams from Possible to Inevitable 

Throughout your life people have likely told you anything is possible if you believe, shoot for the moon and you'll land amongst the stars, and more cliche, greeting card, not really that helpful "inspirational" messages like those. 

I am here to tell you that your dreams are not just possible- they are inevitable. Using science and intuition to reprogram your brain, ignite your power, and make the laws of the universe work for you watch your vision become your victory as your dreams become reality! 


Inspire your audience to shatter the beliefs and habits that keep you stuck and create massive change in every area of their lives!

Monet brings an unmatched enthusiasm for life and transformative teachings that will ignite your audience to bring their dreams into reality.

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Your Audience Will Gain The Tools Needed To:


  • Reinvent their self image spiritually, mentally, and physically to feel like their most beautiful, powerful, soul-aligned version of themselves.


  • Learn how limiting beliefs are creating a victim story that is holding them back from their limitless potential.


  • Release uncomfortable emotions and be able to access empowering ones anytime they want.


  • Make the laws of the universe, neuroscience, and intuition work for them.

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For as long as I can remember I would hear people say "anything is possible" and "believe in yourself" and "choose your hard." Then when things don't workout, or the universe pushed back hear those same people say "it wasn't meant to be" or "better luck next time." Even as a kid I thought their advice was, well, bulls***. I had a little voice within me telling me there was more to the story- that there had to be some way to make life easy, effortless, and really really good. 

In my search for certainty I found my intuition, which led me to my creator field, and ultimately to using science, spirituality, and the laws of the universe to make vision board a roadmap instead of a wishlist. Now I help thousands of women each year unleash their limitless potential and create the life they've always dreamed of. 


Key Takeaways:
  • The coding language of the subconscious mind
  • The science behind manifestation
  • How to let go of the beliefs you were born into¬†
  • How to become your own oracle and always have the right answers to get you to your desired outcome



Victim to Vision to Victory 


From a undiscovered illness, to an abusive relationship, to a family member stealing my life savings I have had my fair share of victim moments. For years I wished for a break and wondered why the universe was pouring so much heaviness into my life. Until one day I decided I wouldn't be life's victim anymore. 

It started with a vision board and an obsession to find a way to stop this cycle of hardship. As I learned how to tap into my intuition, how to reprogram my subconscious mind, and hack the laws of the universe to always work in my favor- I realized that I could change my reality. 


Key Takeaways:
  • How to strengthen your intuition
  • Why¬†finding the root cause is the key to breaking the cycle¬†
  • How your vision board can become your victory story¬†
  • The number one reason your hard work isn't working¬†