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Our transformation courses and sessions cover everything from self-image, to limiting beliefs, to reprogramming your subconscious mind to create a completely different outcome in your life. We provide the tools and techniques you need to access your higher self, gain clarity, and use science, intuition, and the laws of the universe to shift your reality. 

Ready to Live as Your Higher-Self?




Our Signature Program

Vision To Victory


Are you ready to step into the life of your dreams? In Monet's signature program you will release limiting beliefs and habits, gain massive clarity on what your dream life looks and feels like, easily and effortlessly create the habits and rituals that make your success inevitable, and fall deeply in love with your higher self in the process.







A coaching session with Monet is intuitively guided and includes a variety of techniques such as mindset coaching, neural energetic encoding and wiring, emotional freedom technique, hypnosis, releasing emotional and energetic blockages, energetic healing, somatic technique, guided meditation sessions, and more!



Free Resources

Mini-Courses & Guides


Access our library of guided meditations, hypnosis, mini-courses and more! Plus get exclusive access to bonus YouTube videos available only to the VTV community! Past recordings of Masterclasses and Live Q&A Sessions will be available within 48hrs. 


Step 1. Book a Session or Enroll in a Program

Within minutes of completing your purchase, you'll get an email with the next steps and your login credentials.

Step 2. Change Work 

Your pre-session framework or program syllabus will be sent via email! Review the material and videos, complete your workbooks and add your sessions and LIVE Q&As to your calendar! 

Step 3. Experience Transformation

My goal is to help you realize your infinite potential and live your dream life. Our team is here to assist you via email, video calls, and LIVE Q&A. YOU are the victory story, and I am here to support you every step of the way! 


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