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Are You Ready to Meet Your Higher Self?

Our transformation courses and sessions cover everything from self-image, to limiting beliefs, to reprogramming your subconscious mind to create a completely different outcome in your life. We provide the tools and techniques you need to access your higher self, gain clarity, and use science, intuition, and the laws of the universe to shift your reality.  

1:1 Coaching Session

Starting at $115


In this empowering 1:1 Session with Monet you will experience reality shifting changes and gain the tools and freedom to embody your higher self. Together we will discover the biggest obstacles holding you back from living as your most authentic, empowered, and fulfilling self. Start feeling results from our very first session- the subconscious mind is not confined to time constraints and neither is your transformation. 


What To Expect

A coaching session with Monet is intuitively guided and includes a variety of techniques such as mindset coaching, neural energetic encoding and wiring, emotional freedom technique, hypnosis, releasing emotional and energetic blockages, energetic healing, somatic technique, guided meditation sessions, and more!


Sessions Offered
  • Clarity and Goal Setting 
  • Habit Cessation
  • Releasing Limiting Beliefs 
  • Emotional Freedom Session
  • Mentorship
  • Abundance and Manifestation
  • Anchoring Confidence
  • Identity Session
  • Resolving Internal Conflict 
  • Energetic Healing (REIKI) Session
  • Custom Guided Meditation or Hypnosis Session 


“Gain a deeper understand of your subconscious.”

I was kinda sceptical before doing personal coaching. I didn’t know much about it besides surface-level stuff I’d seen online so I was not 100% sure that it would change anything. Boy, was I wrong. Like within an hour I felt so comfortable with her like I’d known her for years and was admitting things that I didn’t realize were locked up in my mind. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to have a personal coaching session and would highly recommend for anyone looking to shift their perspectives and gain a deeper understand of your subconscious.

–  Ryder F.

Unshakable- The Ultimate Breakthrough

Starting at $695


Have you been through Vision to Victory and are ready to take your transformation to the next level? Apply to experience a one of a kind breakthrough session with Monet.


What To Expect

In this private one day intensive with Monet you will release the five emotions holding most people back, strengthen your connection to your inner knowing (intuition), energetically release mental, physical, and emotional blockages, release past life and generational wounds, and install new, empowering beliefs. Regain access to your infinite wisdom and have clarity and confidence in yourself in any situation.


The Process
  • Release anger, hurt, sadness, shame, guilt, and fear
  • Energetically heal your emotional and spiritual wounds
  • Release generational and past life wounds
  • Cord Cutting Ceremony 
  • Reiki Attunement
  • Emotional Root Cause healing
  • Energetic Embodiment Session

*Due to the deeply personal nature and intensity of Unshakeable, this session is exclusively available to long-term clients of Monet who have completed Vision to Victory and a clarity call to determine if this session is right for you.


“You will only regret that you didn’t work with her sooner!!”

Monet is not only an extremely gifted coach, but an incredibly genuine and kind-hearted person. She makes you feel so comfortable and calm, just like you’re chatting with your best friend. You can tell that she is passionate about helping people and really cares. She has coached me through parenting challenges, self-confidence, finding clarity, and showing up in my purpose confident and unapologetic. She is the best cheerleader and supporter, always excited to help me achieve my goals. If you have the opportunity to work with Monet I 1000% recommend doing so because you will only regret that you didn’t work with her sooner!!

–  Kristen L

Vision to Victory 

Enrollment Opens Soon! 


Are you ready to step into the life of your dreams? In Monet's signature program you will release limiting beliefs and habits, gain massive clarity on what your dream life looks and feels like, easily and effortlessly create the habits and rituals that make your success inevitable, and fall deeply in love with your higher self in the process.


What To Expect

This program includes 12 modules of transformative tools and techniques to guide you through releasing past and present emotions, reprogramming neural pathways to support your biggest goals, and the exact process Monet used to manifest remarkable results and unlock limitless potential.


The Process
  • Module 1: Clarity 
  • Module 2: Visualization and Your Internal Resources  
  • Module 3: Environmental and Energetic Wellness Assessment 
  • Module 4: Releasing Limiting Beliefs, Habits, and Emotions
  • Module 5: Connecting to Your Intuition
  • Module 6: Radical Responsibility 
  • Module 7: Identity and Self-Image
  • Module 8: Creating Achievable Outcomes & Habits that Make Your Dreams Inevitable
  • Module 9: Transformation while you Sleep 
  • Module 10: Boundaries and The Energy of Success
  • Module 11: Quantum Leaps and Your Soul Potential 
  • Module 12: Introducing Your Higher Self

“I felt safe and was able to open up!”

Monet took her time to really dive in deep and work with me on many levels of coaching. I felt safe and was able to open up; allowing myself to work through major blockages. She is funny, kind, inviting, easy to connect to and provided me with the opportunity to learn more about myself. After our session I purchased one of her journals and truly look forward to receiving it! Absolutely recommend her and look forward to future coaching with her!

–  Kelly H. 

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