Are You Ready To Make Your Dream Life An Inevitable Reality? 


A few years ago I was stuck in a life of constantly wishing for the weekend or my sacred two weeks of vacation. Desperate for change I went to an event hosted by Tony Robbins, Gary V, and Robert Herjavec, and got a taste of subconscious reprogramming. I spent the next two years learning neuroscience, how the subconscious mind works, meditation, neural energetic wiring and encoding, the laws of the universal, and how I could make my dream life inevitable. Today, I live a life beyond my biggest dreams and I get to spend my time guiding women just like you from vision to victory. Are you ready to make your dream life an inevitable reality? 



Ready To Give Your Mindset a Makeover?

Gain clarity, improve your self image, make mindfulness work for you, and create a step by step plan to accomplish even your biggest goals with this FREE 7 Day Mindset Makeover Guide! Plus gain access to my favorite hypnosis, meditation, and more! 

Hey, I'm Monet!


I combine neuroscience, the laws of the universe, and intuition to empower you in creating the mindset, habits, and rituals that make your dream life inevitable.

After realizing I could NOT live a life of wishing for the weekend I went on a two year journey of learning everything I possibly could about manifestation, mindset, neuroscience, and intuition. Through transforming my own life to becoming a Yes Supply Method Certified Coach, I've mastered the science behind living the life of your dreams. If I did it, so can you!  

Utilizing mindset shifts, energy healing, neural energetic wiring and encoding (the language of the subconscious mind), hypnosis, EFT, and powerful questioning, I help thousands of women each year make their dream lives a reality. 

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Looking to inspire your audience to shatter the beliefs and habits that keep you stuck and create massive change in every area of their lives? Monet brings an unmatched enthusiasm for life and transformative teachings that will ignite your audience to bring their dreams into reality.      



Make Your Dream Life Reality 

Think of me as your tour guide to your highest self, the person your soul knows you are meant to be.


1:1 Coaching

In this empowering 1:1 Session with Monet you will experience reality shifting changes and gain the tools and freedom to embody your higher self. Together we will discover the biggest obstacles holding you back from living as your most authentic, empowered, and fulfilling self. Start feeling results from our very first session- the subconscious mind is not confined to time constraints and neither is your transformation. 

A coaching session with Monet is intuitively guided and includes a variety of techniques such as mindset coaching, neural energetic encoding and wiring, emotional freedom technique, hypnosis, releasing emotional and energetic blockages, energetic healing, somatic technique, guided meditation sessions, and more! 



Vision to Victory 

Are you ready to step into the life of your dreams? In Monet's signature program you will release limiting beliefs and habits, gain massive clarity on what your dream life looks and feels like, easily and effortlessly create the habits and rituals that make your success inevitable, and fall deeply in love with your higher self in the process.

This program includes 12 modules of transformative tools and techniques to guide you through releasing past and present emotions, reprogramming neural pathways to support your biggest goals, and the exact process Monet used to manifest remarkable results and unlock limitless potential. 

This isn't just another self-development course. This is the catalyst for a total transformation of your emotional health, self-image, relationships, friendships, career, finances, and identity. Once you've seen your soul's potential you will have the skills and confidence to create the life of your dreams. It's not just possible, its inevitable. 



Unshakable- The Ultimate Breakthrough

Have you been through Vision to Victory and are ready to take your transformation to the next level? Apply to experience a one of a kind breakthrough session with Monet. 

In this private one day intensive with Monet you will release the five emotions holding most people back, strengthen your connection to your inner knowing (intuition), energetically release mental, physical, and emotional blockages, release past life and generational wounds, and install new, empowering beliefs. Regain access to your infinite wisdom and have clarity and confidence in yourself in any situation. 

*Due to the deeply personal nature and intensity of Unshakeable, this session is exclusively available to long-term clients of Monet who have completed Vision to Victory and a clarity call to determine if this session is right for you. 

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